Kind Reminder about 2023 Graduation of Nankai University

As the time flying away, the season of graduation of 2023 will come as scheduled. Accompanied by the friendship of classmates, unforgettable memories and attachment, with respect for teachers and aspirations for a new life after graduation, you are about to embark on a new journey.

For graduating students, please check the following information carefully:

1.Please confirm if you have completed the following procedures:

(1) There is no outstanding tuition fees.

(2) All borrowed books from the library have been returned.

2.Please stay updated with relevant announcements on:

(1) Graduation ceremonies organized by your colleges.

(2) The School of International Education will hold a commencement party on June 16th. There will be graduation souvenirs for each student. Stay updated with later announcements and sign up on time.

3.Please pay attention to the following deadlines and complete the relevant procedures on time:

(1) The deadline for the disbursement of living allowances for students on full scholarships is July 15th.

(2) The move-out date from the dormitories is July 15th. Please complete the check-out process by the designated date.

4.Make sure you register your alumni information and apply for an alumni card on time.

The alumni card is not only a souvenir for your past few years at Nankai University, but also a convenient "passport” if you come back for a visit in the future.

Finally, graduation does not represent farewell. Regardless of where you are, we hope that the motto of Nankai University, "Dedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-round Capability, Aspiration for Progress with Each Passing Day", will remain ingrained in everyone’s memory, and constantly strive to create a brighter future. Wishing everyone all the best!