Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What qualifications do international students need to meet?

1. Applicants must be over 18 years old.

2. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens holding foreign ordinary passports.

3. If applying for majors taught in Chinese, applicants are required by undergraduate and graduate program respectively to reach their Chinese language skills to 180 scores of HSK 4 and 210 scores in HSK 5; if applying for majors taught in English, applicants must achieve IELTS 6.0 or 85 points in TOEFL (for those who have English teaching pre-degree are allowed to provide the certificate issued by the school).

4. Applicants who pursue a bachelor's degree must have a high school degree or equivalent; Those pursuing a master's degree must have a bachelor's degree or equivalent; Those pursuing a doctorate must have a master's degree or equivalent.


Q2:What majors can be applied for? Are there any majors taught in English?

1. Nankai University has 26 professional colleges, covering humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, agronomy, medicine, art and other fields. A total of 24 undergraduate majors, 62 master majors and 114 doctoral majors are open to international students. Please refer to the following website for detailed enrollment majors: http://sie.nankai.edu.cn

2. In 2022, our school offers(has) 12 all-English Teaching Majors open to international students, including 9 master's English Teaching Majors and 3 doctoral English Teaching Majors. Please refer to the following website for detailed enrollment majors: http://sie.nankai.edu.cn


Q3:What about the training mode and length of schooling of international students?

1. The basic education system of international undergraduates in our university is a four-year system, and the training mode of "1 + 3 academy system" is implemented: undergraduate students study general education in the School of International Education of Nankai University in the first year, enter the corresponding specialty for three years after the end of the first year, and obtain the graduation certificate of the specialty after graduation. Except for military service which should not be included, the maximum length of study for undergraduates is 7 years (including suspension time).

2. We only recruit international postgraduates who study full-time:

1)The basic length of study for master students is 2 to 3 years. The maximum length of study (including the retention of student status and suspension time) of academic degree postgraduates is the basic length of study with one-year extended. The basic length of study and the maximum length of study (including the retention of student status and suspension time) of professional degree postgraduates are implemented in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Professional Degree Postgraduates of Nankai University.

2)The basic length of study of doctoral students is 4 years, and the maximum length of study (including retention of student status and suspension) is 6 years.


Q4:When is the application deadline?

Applications can be submitted from December 1 of the year before enrollment, and the deadline is May 31 of the year of enrollment.


Q5:What application materials need to be submitted? Whether the mail paper materials are needed?

1. Checklist:

1)Notarized highest education (degree) certificate. Fresh graduates need to submit the certificate of expected graduation issued by the school.

2)Complete transcript of the highest academic education stage

3)Personal statement.

4)For undergraduate programs, one letter of recommendation from high school teachers must be submitted, and for graduate programs, two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors must be submitted.

5)Tutor consent acceptance letter (only for doctoral degree applicants)

6)Language proficiency certificate

7)Valid passport (valid until after April 1, 2023)

8)Certificate of no criminal record

9)Other materials

Tip: all the above application materials should be in Chinese or English. Non-Chinese and English Certificates (documentations) should be accompanied by notarized Chinese or English translations.

3. There is no need to mail paper materials.


Q6:What is the online application process?

The application process is divided into four steps:

1. Apply online and pay the application fee;

2. Preliminary review and reexamination of materials;

3. College interview review;

4. Announcement of admission results


Q7:What is the scholarship evaluation process? When will the evaluation results be released?

A:Scholarship evaluation process:

Step 1: school admission

Step 2: the scholarship evaluation team of the University selects candidates, and after no objection is publicized, fill in the recommendation in the scholarship system

Step 3: the scholarship department reviews and publishes the final results

The general scholarship results will be announced from July to August.


Q8:What kinds of scholarships can be applied for? What kind of students can apply?

Nankai University International Student Scholarship Overview


Q9: 1. Do I have to pay the application fee? 2. What is the cost? 3. If I am not admitted, can the application fee be refunded? 4. Do I need to pay the application fee if I want to apply for a scholarship?

1. The application must be paid in full. Applications without payment of the application fee will be considered invalid and will not be reviewed.

2. The application fee for undergraduate programs is RMB 400, and the application fee for graduate programs is RMB 600.

3. The application fee will not be refunded regardless of admission.

4. The application fee is the fee for applying to Nankai University. Only after being admitted through the review of Nankai University can you be eligible to apply for various scholarships. There is no fee for applying for scholarships.


Q10: What is the tuition fee for each major?

1. Majors taught in Chinese


liberal arts

20,000 Yuan/Academic Year

*Chinese Language 3+1 International Business: 24,000 yuan/academic year (1, 3, 4 years), the second year of study at the University of Utah, about 13,000 US dollars



25,000 Yuan/Academic Year




liberal arts


30,000 Yuan/Academic Year


26,000 Yuan/Academic Year

*Finance and insurance: 48,000 yuan/academic year


30,000 Yuan/Academic Year




40,000 Yuan/Academic Year




liberal arts

30,000 Yuan/Academic Year




39,000 Yuan/Academic Year




50,000 Yuan/Academic Year




2. Majors taught in English

(1) Nankai-Glasgow Joint Graduate School English-taught program: 50,000 yuan/academic year.

(2) Master’s program taught in English: 35,000 yuan/academic year.

(3) Doctoral programs taught in English: 30,000 yuan/academic year.


Q11: Is it necessary to purchase medical insurance? how much is the cost?

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, international students must purchase comprehensive medical insurance for international students in China during their stay in China. Students need to purchase insurance by themselves before registration. International students who have not purchased insurance will not be allowed to register.


Q12: Do freshmen have to live on campus? How is the accommodation arranged?

According to the international student management regulations of Nankai University, all freshmen will live in the international student dormitory on campus or in the off-campus cooperative apartment for the first year.

(1) On-campus accommodation: Buildings 2 and 4 of Friendship Garden on Balitai Campus; Block B of International Student Dormitory on Jinnan Campus

(2) Off-campus apartments: Longhu Guanyu Longhu Youyi Road Branch (https://tj.iguanyu.com/guanyudetail/2/360)


Q13: How do international students apply for a visa?

The admitted students must hold the admission notice of Nankai University and the application form for study visa in China (JW201 / 202) (the study period exceeds 180 days) to apply for X1 (study period exceeds 180 days) or X2 visa in Chinese embassies abroad. Within 30 days after arrival in China, the X1 visa must be converted into a study residence permit.



Q14: How can I contact the School of International Education of Nankai University?

Work phone:

Balitai Campus: Tel: 0086-22-23508825/3615

Time: 8: 00-12: 00; 14: 00-18: 00

Jinnan Campus: Tel: 0086-22-23509646/8686

Time: 9: 00-12: 00; 13: 00-17: 00

Email: nkundergraduate@126.com (undergraduate)

nkadmission01@nankai.edu.cn (Postgraduate)


Q15: If I have not graduated when I apply, can I apply without a graduation certificate?

A: Yes, you can submit a certificate of expected graduation first, and submit it to the college immediately after obtaining the graduation certificate, but not later than the registration time.



 Q16: Can I apply for more than one scholarship program at the same time to raise the chances? Can I receive more than two scholarships at the same time?

A: Theoretically yes, except for the Chinese Government Scholarship and the International Chinese Teachers' Scholarship. They are both sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education so they cannot be awarded to one student at the same time. Furthermore, students who win one of these two scholarships lose the chance to get other scholarships automatically. We advise that you apply only one of them. However, students have the chance to get the Tianjin Government Scholarship and Nankai University Scholarship at the same time. These two scholarships do not need to be applied separately for all students who apply to Nankai University will enjoy the opportunity.


Q17:I have received the admission letter from Nankai University, can I come to the university to register or move into the dormitory early?

A: The registration procedure can only be done on a certain date and time notified by the university. The university allows new students to come to school and move into the dormitory on campus one week early. However, if students come to Tianjin earlier than that, they have to arrange the accommodation on their own.


Q18:Does the school provides a free pick-up service for fresh students?

A: There is no free pick-up service. Generally, the school does not arrange pick-up service for there are taxis, subways and buses available at the Tianjin Airport and Tianjin Railway Station.


Q19:Is it possible for fresh students to postpone their registration and what is the deadline for registration?

A: Students cannot postpone the registration in principle. But in case of some special circumstances,  student can submit a written application to his or her colleges and have it approved. The registration cannot be later than one week after the first day of the school year.


Q20:Does Nankai University have an entrance examination? Is it a written test or an interview?

A: We do not have a fixed entrance written exam, but there will be an interview with the staffs of the college that you applied for.


Q21: I am currently studying at another university for my bachelor’s degree and would like to transfer to Nankai University. Does Nankai University accept transfer students?

A: Nankai university does not accept transfer students now, whether from universities in China or any other country. Students who want to begin their studying at Nankai University have to start as a freshman.


Q22: Are there any requirements regarding the qualifications of undergraduate applicants?


Example 1: My father is Korean and my mother is Chinese. I have Korean nationality. Can I apply to be an

international undergraduate student at Nankai University?

A: Yes. If both or one of the student’s parents are Chinese expatriates, and the student has a foreign nationality at birth, he or she needs to provide his or her birth certificate or nationality certificate.


Example 2: I am a Chinese citizen permanently residing in a foreign country, and am I able to apply?

A: No. The applicant must be a foreign citizen with a valid foreign passport.


Example 3: If I give up my Chinese citizenship and become a foreign citizen, can I apply for the international undergraduate program?

A: According to the Regulations [2020] No. 12 issued by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China: According to the requirements of Circular of the Ministry of Education on Regulating the Recruitment of International Students by Chinese Institutions of Higher Education ([2020] No. 12 Document Issued by the Ministry of Education), for foreign students who have immigrated from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, he or she must have obtained the foreign nationality for (at least) 4 years and provide a record of actually living in the foreign country for more than 2 years within the last 4 year (up to the April 30th of the school year).

PS: 9 months of residence in one year in a foreign country can be counted as one whole year. The exact number of days is calculated based on the entry and exit stamps on the passport.


(2) Specific Requirements WeChat Official: NKUISO-南开大学国际教育学院 

Website: http://sie.nankai.edu.cn

For more information, please visit The School of International Education at Nankai University https://sie.nankai.edu.cn/

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