According to the relevant requirements of studying in China, International students studying at Nankai University must buy medical insurance for foreigners residing in China.

The student insurance of International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship program shall be purchased by teachers in charge; Students of Chinese Government Scholarships program need to pay for themselves in advance, and contact with teachers who are in charge of the program after purchase; Medical insurance for inter-school exchange students will be handled according to the exchange agreement between Nankai University and the foreign institution. Self-support international students purchase their own medical insurance according to the term of study.

Please refer to the following instructions for international students studying at Nankai University when purchasing overseas study insurance in China:

International students studying at Nankai need to purchase PINGAN International Student Insurance in accordance with the regulations. The company provides a professional team engaged in insurance services for international students in China. Its online service platform and 24-hour free service line provide services to international students. The insurance standard of international students in our university is 500 yuan per semester and 1,000 yuan per academic year.