Established in September 2020, the School of International Education is the centralized management department of international student affairs of Nankai University. Its main responsibilities are to implement the policies and work arrangements of the superiors and Nankai University on international student affairs, and to coordinate the recruitment, education and management of international students of Nankai University, which cover the following items:

1. Formulate, implement and supervise relevant rules and regulations on international students.

2. Organize the recruitment of all types of international students;

3. Cooperate with relevant departments and professional colleges to carry out teaching affairs related to academic overseas students;

4. Responsible for the work related to non-academic study overseas programs;

5. Responsible for the budgeting, final accounts management and income distribution of all kinds of international students;

6. Responsible for all kinds of international students' affairs in China, scholarships and daily education management;

7. Other work assigned by superior department and university.


The School of International Education of Nankai University is the "home of students". We are committed to providing the best quality education resources for the global China-friendly-talents, and actively make Nankai-style contributions to"attracting top overseas talents to study in China and cultivating future global elites", and build "studying in Nankai" into a beautiful name card of "studying in China".