On campus accommodations

Nankai University provides dormitories and canteens for foreign students. Dormitories for international students are hotel-managed. The accommodation options include single room and double room, and each room is well equipped with an independent washing room, bed, bedside cupboard, desk and chair, wardrobe, TV, telephone, air conditioners (heat and cool), Internet, etc. The apartments provide 24-hour hot water, toll washing machine, and with the apartment service personnel cleaning and changing the bedding regularly.

Apartments on Balitai Campus: NO.2 and NO.4 Buildings of Yiyuan, JingYuan

Apartments on Jinnan Campus: Building A, C, D and E Buildings of International Students Dormitory


Off-Campus Accommodations

International students can choose to rent houses around the campus. After issuing the letter of introduction to the School of International Education with the lease contract, international students staying outside the campus must process the check-in registration with the landlord in the police station where the house belongs to.

Below is the reference price of off campus rental:

House options

with one bedroom and a living room.

with two bedrooms and a living room.

with three bedrooms and a living room.

Monthly rent(yuan·RMB)





Tip:the above reference price is limited to house rent, excluding water, electricity, gas, telephone, network and other expenses.



The dormitory is equipped with restaurants which are convenient for international students to have meals. In addition, international students are also welcomed by other student canteens on campus. Our university has a special Halal Restaurant to provide halal food for international students.

Restaurants on Balitai Campus: Yiyuan Restaurant, Aida Restaurant, Jingyuan restaurant, NO.1 Student Canteen, NO.2 Student Canteen, NO.3 Student Canteen, Halal Restaurant

International Student Restaurants on Jinnan campus: the restaurant in International Student Dormitory, NO.1 Student Canteen, NO.2 Student Canteen, Halal Restaurant etc.