International Confucian Association Scholarship

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International Confucian Association Scholarship
2022 Nankai University International Confucian Association Scholarship Application Information

I.ApplicantEligibilityand Application Deadline


Applicant Eligibility

Application Deadline

International Confucian Association Scholarship

1)non-Chinese nationality

2)Master Applicants

Before March 31 of each year

II.Application Process

A.Applicant should log in to “Nankai University International Student Online Service Registration Platform”(website: and fill out the application information. (Please see the “Application Information for International Students” for required application materials)

B.Only those international students who have applied and been accepted by Nankai University are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship cannot be applied for independently.

C.The dateonwhich the list of Admitted Students and Scholarship Winners will be posted will be announced at further notice.

D.Nankai University each year at the beginning of July will send out (Admission Notice) and “International Students Studying Abroad in China Visa Application Form”(JW202) among other documents.

III.Scholarship Coverage

Full scholarship.

★ScholarshipCoveragewill be determined according to the decisions made that year by the International ConfucianAssociationand Nankai University.

IV.Contact Information

School of International Education of Nankai University

Bailitai Campus: Room 400, School of International Education,94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, P.R. China (Postal Code: 300071)


Jinnan Campus:Room 202, School of International Education,38 Tongyan Road, Haihe River Education Area, Tianjin, P.R. China (Postal Code: 300350)


Attached:   Listing of 2022 Nankai University International Confucian Association Scholarship Eligible Majors.xlsx