The Chong Dao Institute and the Collaborative Innovation Centerof Ideological and Political Theories for Chinese Aesthetic Education Courses was inauguratedin Nankai University


(Translated by Zhang Yaping, Proofread by Sun Wei ) On October 30, the “Inauguration Ceremony of the NKU ChongdaoInstituteand the NKU Collaborative Innovation Center of Ideological and Political Theories for Chinese Aesthetic Education Courses” was held at the College of Chinese Language and Culture in Nankai University. The ceremony was attended bythe guests on the scene including Wang Xinsheng (Vice President of Nankai University),Li Chuanyong (Director of Academic Affairs Office), Li Yuelin (Director of International Exchange Office),Qiu Hanqin (Dean of the College of Tourism and Service Management),Shao Qinghui(Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of International Education and the College of Chinese Language and Culture), and Wang Lixin (Dean of the School of International Education and the College of Chinese Language and Culture), and online guests including co-constructors such as Tianjin Conservatory of Music and Tianjin YaoHua High School.




The officials delivered speeches at the ceremony. Prof. Wang Xinsheng, introducing the development history of Chinese and foreign higher education, as well as the challenges faced by undergraduate education and the available responses in the new era, profoundly expounded the significance of cultivating people through institutes. Namely, through employing instructors with diversified disciplinary backgrounds to guide students, the disciplinary barriers could be removed more easily, and the education reform could move forward better, thus a more high-quality environment atmosphere for cultivating people could be formed to contribute to achieving new breakthroughs in talent cultivation. In addition, he expressed ardent expectations for the construction of the Chongdao Institute.



Prof. Li Chuanyong introduced the core concept of NKU’s “Intelligence Institute Education Model” from the perspectives of the “Action Plan (2019-2021)” and the construction of a teacher-student community of Nankai University in the new era. He hoped that the Chongdao Institute can connect professional teachers with students from different countries and create an open, tolerant, supportive, and guided growth atmosphere so as to build a new communication platform for teachers and students.




Prof. Wang Lixin explained that in line with the theoretical framework of building a community with a shared future for mankind, the Chongdao Institute is established to serve as a home of Chinese and foreign students to experience Chinese culture, Chinese spirit and wisdom, thus helping international students understand Chinese culture and China’s national conditions more broadly and deeply and helping Chinese students expand the international vision and promote their intercultural flexibility.




During the inauguration ceremony, an appointment ceremony for the instructors of the Chongdao Institute was carried on. Twelve professional teachers from 8 colleges make up the instructor team. Prof. Li Yuelin spoke as the team representative. Based on her experience of studying at home and abroad, she put forward her own thoughts on the functions of instructors employed by the Chongdao Institute, and said the instructor team would lead Chinese and foreign students to actively explore in the building of a cross-disciplinary, cross-department “Three-dimensional Education” training system, and a "Teacher-Student Community" co-developed online and off line. On behalf of all the students of the Chongdao Institute, Li Zijing, one of them and also a postgraduate at the College of Chinese Language and Culture, conveyed the understanding of the Institute and expectations for future activities.


The NKU Collaborative Innovation Center of Ideological and Political Theories for Chinese Aesthetic Education Courses was inaugurated on the same day, which aims to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, to improve the quality of Nankai University's aesthetic education and ideological and political work, as well as to form an integrated education pattern covering universities, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. The center is co-builrt by the Peking Opera Heritage Base of Nankai University and a number of art colleges, primary and secondary schools and art training institutions in Tianjin, focusing on the integration of ideological and political theories into art education courses, and committed to creating a construction system of ideological and political theories teaching in all courses with Chinese traditional aesthetic education as a carrier and core socialist values as a guide.


The elaborate music video “On Peking Opera”(《京剧情》),specially produced by the Collaborative Innovation Center to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, was played on site, showing the splendid scene of two campuses of Nankai University in early spring and infecting guests with the joy brought by the meeting between youth and the national quintessence in the video.


Qin Menglan is an Armenian student studying for her doctorate at the college of tourism and service management in Nankai University and also learned at Peking Opera Inheritance Base of NKU. She performed live an excerpt from Peking Opera “Peach Blossom Village”(《桃花村》). The audience all applauded and said that this foreign student’s admirable interpretation of the quintessence of Chinese culture deepened their love for Chinese nation’s excellent tradition culture.


In order to promote Nankai University's century-old art education tradition and create an immersive atmosphere for Chinese and international students to experience the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics, the College of Chinese Language and Culture spent three years designing and building the Chinese Culture Experience Classroom and the Cultural Corridor. Together with teachers and students, the guests visited the Classroom and the Corridor, and witnessed Wang Xinsheng and Li Chuanyong inaugurated the Chongdao Institute and the Collaborative Innovation Center of Ideological and Political Theories for Chinese Aesthetic Education Courses.