Biliteral Program


Biliteral Program
Bilaterial Program(Program A)

I.Applicant Eligibility, Available Majors and Application Process

Eligible Applicants

Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD candidates,General Scholars,Advanced Scholars,

Eligibility, Majors, and Application Process

Please contact the Application Receiving Agencies directly.

II.Pre-admission Notification Application Process

1.Applicant should log in to “Nankai University International Student Online Service Registration Platform” (website: and fill out the application information and submit. Please note the “application number” on the system.

Please note:Applicants for the Chinese Government Scholarship must submit the Foreigner Physical Examination Form or the Chinese resident permit page of their passport. If the Foreigner Physical Examination From is missing any sections, does not have the applicant’s picture or has not been officially stamped with a seal, does not have a doctor or hospital’s stamp or signature, then it will be marked invalid. The results of the examination must be valid within 6 weeks. Please ensure that the period of the validity of the results and registration on campus are consistent.

2. Please send your “application number” to the

Please note:You must put“Pre-admission Notice Application” in the subject heading of the email.

3. Check your email in a timely manner to receive updates on your application.

III.Additional Information

1. The Pre-admission Notice is not a formal notice of admission, and is only valid for

use in applying to this program.

2.Once theChinese International Students Scholarship Committee (CSC) has approved the applicant to receive the Chinese Government Scholarship, then the recipient of the Chinese Government Scholarship can a formal admission notice.。

3.If required, the applicant must submit additional materials.

IV.Contact Information

People to be Contacted:Yao Xiangqing, Li Dan