The Beijing Opera Inheritance Base of NKU

Experiencing the Quintessence of Chinese Art through Sound of Gongs and Drums Brought Art Lecture into Tianjin Middle School

(Translated by Huang Zhimi,Proofread by Sun Wei))On the afternoon of July 13, experts from the Beijing Opera Inheritance Base of NKU visited Tianjin Middle School and gave a lecture on “Magical Beijing Opera Percussion” for teachers and students.

Professor Liu Jia, vice Dean of CCLC, Nankai University, and Mr Wang Qin, art instructor of the Beijing Opera Inheritance Base of NKU gave the lecture together. They started from the origin and classification of percussion instruments at home and abroad, and introduced the composition and artistic function of Beijing Opera percussion. By cooperating with band to perform actions like “joys and sorrows”, “riding a horse”, “sailing a boat” and “up and down the stairs”, they gave a vivid demonstration of Beijing Opera’s significant role in creating dramatic environment, enhancing performance effect and characterizing the character's psychology.

Beijing Opera percussion refers to the performance of "Luogujing", meaning a combination of different Chinese percussion instruments, it plays an important artistic function and role in Beijing Opera performance. Just as the saying goes, "without gongs and drums, opera cannot be performed. With good gongs and drums, opera can be well performed". Teachers from the Beijing Opera Inheritance Base - NKU also showed the four percussion instruments of clappers, big gong, cymbals and small gong used in the accompaniment of Beijing Opera "fighting field", and they also invited a number of students to experience the performance.

Besides, the Beijing Opera Inheritance Base of NKU also presented the new book "The Quintessence of Chinese Culture: Stories of Beijing Opera" to the students, guiding them to explore the growth of Chinese opera through reading, and discover the profound and infinite charm of Chinese opera. Speaking of the lecture, professor Liu Jia said, "Percussion is an important part of Chinese Beijing Opera music. We hope that students can understand the artistic language of Beijing Opera through the sound of gongs and drums, and understand the holistic thinking of traditional Chinese art and the teamwork and cooperation spirit contained in it through the precise cooperation of the actors."

The picture shows professional actors interacting with students so they can better understand the magic of Beijing Opera percussion.