The School of International Education Contributed to the Chinese Themed Cultural Activities of the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad at a High Level

(Translated by Li Shan, Proofread by Sun Wei

On the afternoon of July 10, 2022, the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad (hereinafter referred to as "IChO 2022") opened at the sports center of Nankai University. The event was jointly hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology and the Tianjin Municipal People's Government; and co-organized by Nankai University, the China Chemical Society, the Children & Youth Science Center of the China Association for Science and Technology, and the Tianjin Association for Science and Technology.

Themed “Change, Creation and Fusion”, IChO 2022 attracted more than 1000 representatives from over 80 countries and areas around the world. Affected by the continuing global spread of COVID-19, the event was held online from July 10 to 18.

As the organizer of IChO 2022, Nankai University has always adhered to the idea of showing Nankai characteristics, making Nankai voice better heard and spreading Chinese culture while embodying the charm of chemistry and the spirit of science.

During this event, in addition to the contest, the organizing committee carefully designed a series of scientific activities and Chinese cultural experience activities with chemical themes. Among them, the School of International Education (hereinafter referred to as SIE) led the online Chinese cultural experience activities. At the beginning of the Olympiad, Associate Professor Wu Xingyun of the SIE delivered a lecture “China in Mind: the First Sight of China” to all participants and guests, presenting the host country China to the world in a real, stereoscopic and comprehensive way. Teacher Cao Xiaoqi of the SIE gave a Chinese culture lecture “China on The Fingertips: Paper-Cut Art”. She used paper-cuts in Chinese red to present the most representative Chinese cultural symbols. Her sophisticated works coupled with a simple and easy-to-operate interactive section greatly comforted all contestants’ nervous preparation before the competition. Professor Shen Shihui, a member of     the China Artists Association, a famous contemporary landscape painter and President of Tianjin Bohai Painting Academy, showed “China on the Chinese Brush”. He wrote down the theme of “Change, Creation and Fusion” of this competition in Chinese as a present to the organizing Committee and all guests.

During the Olympiad, under the guidance of the organizing committee, the SIE, together with the “Chinese Cultural Experience Center” and the professional live broadcast team, jointly hosted several online Chinese theme activities, such as “Beautiful Nankai My Home”, “China in Development: Tianjin Urban Landscape”, “China on The Fingertips: Paper-Cut Art”, “China in Mind: the First Sight of China”, and “China on the Chinese Brush: Chinese Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting”. Those fantastic activities not only showed the wonderful image of Nankai University to the world, but also gave all participants a true feeling about the traditions and landscape of the host country China and the host city Tianjin. They will also contribute to the deeper appreciation of the charm of China in the new era in a more real, three-dimensional and comprehensive way.

To present compelling China stories, better communicate China’s message and show a real, three-dimensional and comprehensive China to the rest of the world is the key mission to intensify China’s international communication ability. As an important force in orating good China stories and making China’s voice better heard, under the leadership of the Party Committee of the university and the admin team of the school, the SIE upholds studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on strengthening China’s international communication capacity, and always attaches great importance to it. The SIE has formed a working atmosphere among all the faculty and staff to advocate and implement the spirit of presenting compelling China stories, and to communicate and promote Chinese culture in the international stage.