Nankai University Launched "Digital Economy" Undergraduate Subject


Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the approval results of the 2021 undergraduate subjects of colleges and universities. Nankai University has been approved to establish an undergraduate subject in "Digital Economy".

With the transformation and development of the global economy digitalization, the demand soars for interdisciplinary talents who have strong profession qualities in mathematics, economics, and management. Nankai University sets up the "Digital Economy" subject, which closely meets the need of the national development under a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation while catering to the digital transformation of the global economy. The University aims to cultivate interdisciplinary talents with a solid foundation of economics theory and mathematics, professional quality of governing and benefiting the people, broad global vision, deep understanding of China's national conditions, and a good command of digital economy and trade rules. This subject is established in the School of Economics and the study duration is 4 years, leading to a bachelor's degree in economics.

(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)