Nankai University Launched 60 Courses on the Platform: Smart Education of China


On March 28, the Ministry of Education held the launching ceremony of the Smart Education of China, which marked the official launch of the platform. 60 high quality courses of Nankai University are open to college teachers, students and social learners as the first batch of online courses.

The official launch of the Smart Education of China is the initial success of the Educational Digitalization Strategic Action launched by the Ministry of Education and an important step to build a networked, digital, personalized and lifelong education system with practical action. The first batch of 60 online courses of Nankai University includes 46 Chinese courses such as Ten Lectures on Mathematical CultureByzantine History and CultureCharacter and Cultivation in Chinese Classical Poetry, and 14 English courses such as International Tourism Development Trends, which cover 20 majors including philosophy, economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, medicine, management and art, etc.

Nankai University has been attaching great importance to the construction of online courses. In 2018, a leading group for online course resource construction was specially established to help the construction of online course resources by conducting online course design training for teachers and information docking with the mainstream MOOC platforms. At present, our university has launched about 110 courses on XuetangX, Zhihuishu, iCourse (China University MOOC) and other platforms, with 5 awarded national-level online and offline mixed first-class courses and 11 awarded national-level online first-class courses.


(Edited and translated by Nankai News Team)