Delay The Start of Spring Semester 2020

In order to implement the spirit of the Central Leadership Group Meeting on New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia and the relevant deployment of superiors, to effectively prevent and control the spread of New Coronavirus Infection to Pneumonia, the decision was made to postpone the start of spring 2020, and the start time and follow-up work arrangements will be announced soon.


All students MUST NOT return to school before the start date. Students who are not in school should protect themselves at the current place of residence and actively cooperate with the local epidemic prevention work.


Hereby inform.



Infection Precautions


  • Measure the temperatures of teachers and students who return to school;

  • Register teachers and students who go outside

  • Take the temperature of those foreign teachers and students who come in and go out daily

  • Strictly control the visitors entering the dormitory;

  • Disinfect the common areas daily.


We Highly Recommend You:

  • Wear masks when you go outside and to be responsible for taking personal protective measures

  • Take care to wash your face and hands diligently, and practice good personal hygiene

  • Keep the dormitories sanitary and clean every day;




For International Teachers and Students Who Are Travelling:

  • Foreign teachers and students who are returning from travel must first be quarantined in their dormitory

  • If it is discovered that they have been to infected areas or have had close contact with people from the infected areas, they must be immediately sent to the on-campus quarantine area and coordinators or counselors must be informed ASAP

.International Teachers and Students Who Are in Tianjin:

  • Don't panic!! Have faith in the effectiveness of China’s infection prevention measures and the quality of it’s medical providersdo not arbitrarily leave campustheir is higher risk of contracting disease in public spaces;

  • Regarding foreign teachers and students living off campus, ensure open channels of communication, and remind them to take measures according to the situation to keep their homes safe.

If anyone is found with an abnormal temperature, first report the situation to the coordinators or counselors and immediately contact the campus medical protective services to send the person in question to the hospital for further examination.

If there are symptoms of respiratory infection such as fever and cough, you should choose a fever clinic for medical treatment according to the nearest condition (see below), and inform the doctor of similar patient or animal contact history and travel history. When you visit a doctor, please understand and follow the procedures and specifications for diagnosis and treatment of fever patients in the hospital, and accept the guidance of hospital staff.


Contact Information

International Student Counselors

汉语言文化学院:邢老师 15222708992

College of Chinese Language and Culture

津南校区:马老师 18020058985

Jinnan Campus

八里台校区:郝老师 17526609411

Balitai Campus