Editor’s note: We recently received a letter from an Italian student, Nico. He introduced his life at Nankai University. Even if his Chinese level is not very high, his letter shows a deep love for China and Nankai University. 

My name is Nico, and I come from Italy. I have been in China for two years now. I came to China to study Chinese because I am very interested in this language: Chinese is the most beautiful language spoken by the most beautiful people.

I passed HSK test in Italy and received a scholarship. Finally, I enrolled at Nankai University.

I was so excited because Nankai University can be seen as the best university in Tianjin. My parents were very happy too, but they were reluctant to part from me.

Since I came to China, I met many difficulties: I was not used to Chinese food, I did not know Nankai University, and my Chinese was limited as well. Moreover, compared to my hometown, Tianjin’s air isn’t always good, so it was hard not to get a cold. To avoid the illnesses, I often put on a mask before I go out.

However, after six months, I was happy because I had many foreign friends and I made progress in Chinese. I couldn’t even imagine that one day I could find so many friends because, in my hometown, people can be pride and selfish, but at Nankai, the students are generous and polite. No matter what kind of difficulties you go through, they all try their best to help you. If you helped them once, they will give you a reward, “As long as we make efforts we will be rewarded.”

Living in Tianjin, I had many interesting experiences. For example, in the evening, I always see many old people dancing to modern music. It doesn’t happen in my country! Every time I hear the music, I can’t help dancing with them. Sometimes, I even saw a couple of parents changing a diaper in the restaurant. I was shocked!

I discovered that accommodation fees in China are so much cheaper than in Italy. This year, I live outside the campus. My apartment is equipped with all kinds of facilities. From the apartment to the university, I only need to ride my bike for about ten minutes.

My classmates like to ride the motorcycles to the university, but I prefer my bike because it is not only cheaper but also safer.

I am an undergraduate student at Nankai University, and I love to study in Tianjin.

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Letizia Vallini