May 25th, Aichi University’s foreign students joined various activities, including a visit to Nankai’s new campus and the discovery of dumplings recipes with the help of Nankai’s students.

The 2nd Chinese-Japanese Student Activity “Chinese Cultural Experience: Making Dumplings”, co-sponsored by the Department of Japanese of Nankai University’s College of Foreign Languages, and Aichi University’s Department of Modern Chinese, was held at Aida Hotel. 19 Chinese students majoring in Japanese and 28 students from Aichi University joined the activity.

In the morning of the activity, the restaurant of Aida Hotel was full of busy and excited students. At the beginning, looking at dough, tools, and fillings on the table, the Japanese students felt nervous. Then the Chinese students, with the help of some cooks, began to teach Aichi students how to make dumplings. Thanks to the Chinese students, the Japanese students gradually understood the procedure and started to jump up and down for the satisfying results obtained. When they understood how to make perfect dumplings, the students also asked the cooks how to use the flour to prepare the dough. The students who used their own dough to make dumplings were very proud of themselves.

Maeda Miyuki, one of Aichi students, said excitedly: “This is the most interesting experience I had in China. It is so hard to shape the dough. Though my dumplings don’t look good, they are much more delicious than those sold in the store, because I made them myself. ” When the activity ended, all the students were smiling happily.

At the same time, the teachers of the College of Chinese Language and Culture took 142 Aichi students who are taking part in the “2016 Teaching Project” to visit Nankai University’s Jinnan Campus.

Three buses full of Aichi students drove slowly to the West Gate of Jinnan Campus. The students were attracted by Jinnan Campus’ solemn architecture, ordered roads and streets, and the university logo on the top of the library. Led by the employees, teachers and students visited the Central Library, the Public Teaching Buildings, the Da Tong Student Activity Center, the Gym, the College of Chinese Language and Culture, and the Foreign Students Dorms.

After the visit, when the students were asked what their overall impression of Jinnan Campus was, Sakazaki Haruka, a student, answered: “What impressed me the most was the ground of the campus, it was made of red bricks, beautiful and comfortable. There were many trees along the streets, too. I felt alive and energetic.”

Nankai-Aichi University Teaching Project is carried out every year from March to June at Nankai University’s Balitai Campus. This activity has a long history: this is the 19th edition. Since Jinnan Campus was completed and opened in September last year, the students of the “2016 Teaching Project” became the first batch of Japanese foreign students to visit Jinnan Campus. Ishikawa Shizuka, one of the participants, said: “I am honored to witness a historical moment of Nankai University.”

Source: Nankai News

Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Letizia Vallini